Common Skincare Mistakes Based on Your Bathroom Habits And How To Fix Them

photo of person applying lotion to hand from pump bottle for skincare routine
Author: Mark Fullilove
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Is your bathroom causing you breakouts? It could be. While bathrooms are the space where you wash off the day, they can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can affect your skin. If not refined properly, your bathroom routine could be doing your skin more harm than good.

Working with experts, we’ve identified the most common skincare mistakes that you could be making in your bathroom and have provided skin care tips to revamp your routine and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your YOU time.

Just as you’d Hinch Your Home, Sanctuary your skin by taking our quiz to assess your skincare health and follow our top tips to ensure both your bathroom and skin are gleaming.

How to Build A Good Skincare Routine:

Whether you’re a skincare novice, learner, pro or guru there are steps you can take to avoid skincare mistakes and maintain or improve your dermatological health.

The following questions and answers will help you build a good skincare routine.

photo of woman washing face in bathroom sink leant over splashing water with chrome tap and grey tiles

1. How Often Should You Wash Your Face?

The bathroom sink is king when it comes to washing your face. Wash twice a day using lukewarm water before or after showering. Finish with a splash of cold water to boost circulation and ensure a healthy glow.

photo of toothpaste being applied to toothbrush in hand

2. When Should You Brush Your Teeth?

To avoid introducing bacteria to cleansed skin, you should always brush your teeth before starting your skincare routine. Saliva and toothpaste residue contains bacteria from your mouth that can spread across your face and cause breakouts, acne and irritation. So, always brush your teeth before starting your skincare routine.

3. How Often Should You Wash Your Towels?

Towels and other accessories like wash cloths harbour bacteria, dead skin and oils, which are then transferred to your face when you use them. And with most people keeping their towels, face flannels and wash cloths close to their toilet, this means bacteria can spread onto them when it’s flushed. That’s why it’s key to close that toilet lid before flushing.

Wash towels and accessories after each use, and remember to gently cleanse new skincare editions like Gua shas and jade rollers, too. Find out how to wash your towels and microfiber cloths here.

4. Are Cold Showers Good For Your Skin?

Keeping your skin hydrated is important, but washing alone just doesn’t cut it. In fact, if you get the water temperature wrong you could be damaging your delicate skin.

There are many benefits to a cold shower including reducing inflammation, improving circulation and boosting your immune system. You should always wash your face in cold water. That’s because hot water can dilute the magic ingredients in skincare and strip your skin's natural oils and compromise the skin barrier, resulting in dry, cracked or irritated skin.

photo of woman with towel on head rubbing face with two cotton pads

5. How Should You Dry Your Face After Washing It?

From drying our hands, hair and bodies, our towels harbour bacteria, germs, dead skin, oils and dirt. So, if you’re drying your face on them, this means all that nasty stuff is transferred to your face, which can lead to acne and breakouts.

So, instead of drying your face using towels, air dry your skin instead. If you don’t have the time (or patience) you can use a dry cotton pad.

photo of the inside of a bathroom cabinet with makeup and beauty products stored neatly away

6. Where Do You Store Your Skincare Products in the Bathroom?

Anything that comes in contact with your face should be working effectively, so considering where to store your skincare products is important.

With heat, humidity and sunlight affecting skincare products and reacting with their active ingredients, keeping them stored away in a bathroom cabinet or bathroom vanity unit, or separate space, is key.

7. How Do You Use Your Bathroom to Look After and Improve Skin?

A functional space equals a glowing face! If you’re looking for a bathroom revamp regardless of your budget, functionality should be your first consideration. Think about how you’ll use the space everyday and how it will fit into your existing lifestyle and routine. To ensure that you can follow the advice from Sanctuary Bathrooms and its expert partners, consider some large or small changes that you can make to your layout to enhance your wellbeing.

Increase the space between your toilet and basin, keep your toilet lid closed (or have the toilet in a separate space) and prioritise furniture and storage, to ensure your skincare products and accessories are kept in tip-top condition.

For more helpful tips and advice on bathroom layouts and style, read more on Sanctuary Bathrooms The Journal section or our useful bathroom guides.

photo of person applying lotion to hand from pump bottle for skincare routine