Dual Fuel Towel Rails

Dual Fuel Towel Rails are a wall-mounted or floorstanding heating item, much like a bathroom radiator, used for hanging and drying towel rails in bathrooms and kitchens that uses both the central heating system and also a separate electric supply for when this is switched off. This main benefit of a dual fuel heated towel radiator or warmer that is that it can be used all year round, and doesn't have to switched on only when central heating is on in colder months and winter only meaning warm and cosy towels even in summer. This can also help save extra money by not having to use costly central heating systems, which may also turn on the entire heating system in your home, and is only operational when you need it to be when in use making them a popular choice. To operate, they would need radiator valves or dual fuel valves and an heating element and t-piece (if required).

The selection of dual fuel towel rails comes in a variety of different designs from practical and simple ladder towel rail, to stylish and eye-catching designer towel rails, with a range of finishes and sizes to match your space including chrome, brushed brass, matt black and stainless steel. Whether it is a narrow and small cloakroom sized towel rail for hand towels, or a larger one for bath towels and family spaces, there's a number to choose from in our range below.