Column, Vertical & Mirror Radiators

Shop for stylish Column Radiators, Vertical Radiators and Mirror Radiators here with our collection here. All of these radiators have been designed with the primary aim and benefit of adding warmth to a space as a traditional radiator or primary source of heat rather than practical functions, such as drying towels, like towel rails although a few do come with bathroom mirrors included to combine two features into one space-saving design. 

Column radiators are noticeable because their design is commonly associated with central heating systems, with a white ridged panel or ringed tubes of steel in a row when looking from the front. The column aspect refers to the number of vertical bars (or columns) the radiator has when looking side-on, with the more columns offering more heat. Usually they come in 2, 3 or 4 column options. Other vertical radiators come in a variety of designs including flat panel and vertical tubes all as one with mirror radiators incorporating both the vertical aspect and mirror making use of the height of a space. Take a look at our full range below.