Short Projection Toilets

Short Projection Toilets are simply more compact toilets with a pan that is narrower and slimline in terms of outward depth than toilets with standard sized pans, offering you extra room and the benefit of being able to truly maximise your space if you have limitations or don't want to take up more space than necessary. Their size makes them the perfect cloakroom toilet or for any small bathroom that is limited by space, whether it is a family bathroom, en-suite, or additional bathroom under the stairs, or any other location.

You can get cloakroom toilets or short projection toilets in a range of designs to suit your space including short projection close coupled toilets measuring less than 610mm or less, short projection back to wall toilets and short projection wall hung toilets, both of which are less than 500mm in depth. All of these come in a mixture of modern or traditional styles to match your space. Browse our full range below and choose yours today.