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Monday-Friday - 9am-5pm
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Live Chat

You can speak directly a member of our team through our Live Chat service, which can can be accessed by clicking the green speech bubble at the bottom of any page. icon image showing live chat button

This is only operational during the week and on weekends, permitting our Showroom staff are available. However, we do also offer a form so that in the event that some isn’t online, you can leave a message and someone will get back to you at the earliest opportunity either the same day or next working day (weekends/Bank Holidays will always be next working day).

Quick Links

Visit some of our key pages that may help you before contacting us, such as about delivery and delivery options, appointments and 3D Design service, visiting our Showroom, and our Returns policies. We also have some general FAQs below that may also be of assistance to you.

Frequently asked questions

Using The Website

How can I create an account with you?

You can create an account with us by clicking the 'Account' button in the top right hand corner of the website. This will open out a login box or register button. Simply click register and follow the steps to create account. You can also create an account at the point of making an order, and will be offered this option at the end of the check out process. This will give you the ability to update information and keep track of your orders.

Do you offer trade accounts?

Yes, we do offer Trade accounts. You can apply for a trade account by clicking the 'Trade' button in the top right hand corner of the website. Complete the form and provide the information required, and a member of our team will be notified to review and approve an account. Once approved, an account with us provides a special trade discount off our website prices, as well as direct points of contact with one of our team members. Please note, trade accounts will only be applied for the following types of business/individuals:

  • Plumbers/Builders/Tilers
  • Bathroom Fitters & Installers
  • Decorators
  • Construction & homebuilding companies
  • Interior Designers

If you wish to check whether you would be eligible for a trade account prior to registering, please contact us.

I've forgotten my password to my account - what should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, then you can reset it by clicking on the 'Account' button at the top right of the website, and clicking the 'forgot password?' button. This will then ask for the email address associated with the account to send a reset link through to.

I've forgotten my email address for my account or no longer have access to it - what should I do?

If you no longer have access to an email address you have used historically, or you have forgotten the email address associated with an account that you want to regain access to, we would ask you to get in touch with us with any information (e.g. past order details/account information), and we will reset the password on the account. Please note, we may require proof/evidence of person in order to comply with GDPR in order to do this. 

Alternatively, please set up a new account and we can delete/close access to the old account from our records.

When your website says 'In Stock' what does this mean?

When it comes to 'In Stock' items, this means to the best of our knowledge, this particular item is in stock with one of our suppliers. Please note that in most cases, this does not relate to ourselves. Where we specify a number in stock e.g. '3 IN STOCK', this indicates how many of this particular item we have in our warehouse available (although please note this may relate to one component code or item, if made up of several items).

While we try to keep the information about what is in stock with our suppliers up-to-date. we do rely on this being communicated to us, which can sometimes only occur after it has been ordered with us. As such, we would always advise to check ahead if you wish to order an item and need it within a specific timeframe, in order to avoid any disappointment.

How do I know if you have an item in stock in your warehouse & how many?

Unfortunately, our warehouse is not capable of holding every item we sell, and so we are limited to only being able to stock a certain number of items or ranges. You can identify which products we do currently have in stock in our warehouse by visiting our product pages. If a product has a message such as '3 IN STOCK' then this advises both an item we have in stock, and how many. If there is no number specified, then this indicates either an item we are waiting on stock to arrive for, or one that we will have to order directly from one of our suppliers. 

Please also be advised that some items, like tiles, are also dispatched directly from the supplier, and so will be ordered directly from the point any purchase is made with ourselves.

I’m looking for an item from a manufacturer you supply but it isn’t on your website?

We’re very sorry you weren’t able to find the item you wanted. We are constantly trying to add as many products as we can, as well as working with manufacturers to widen our offering at every possibility. If there is an item you are wanting to purchase then please get in touch with us via the contact methods above, and someone will look into whether this can be added for you, or if you can purchase via another method through our Showroom team.

Additionally, not all items can be listed on our website with certain brands and operate as ‘Showroom only’ ranges or brands.

Can you get an item from a supplier or manufacturer not listed on your website?

If the brand or manufacturers is part of a group of companies we do work with then this may be possible. However, in other instances, it is highly unlikely. Some other retailers operate their own brand of products, and some suppliers, manufacturers or ranges can only be offered through Showrooms only. We would advise you to contact us if you require any products and we will look into this for you.

I’ve been told an item is out of stock but your website doesn’t show this?

Every retailer is different in terms of stock, and so it may be that where they are out of stock, we do currently have stock available in our warehouse and vice versa. Our website will detail if we have an item in stock, where possible, however, we would always check regardless ahead of ordering to avoid disappointment.

In the instances, where an item is out of stock we do display a banner advising of the earliest timeframe we have been advised. If this isn’t showing and the item is out of stock we do apologise, however, we rely on manufacturers and suppliers to make us aware of items being discontinued or that are out of stock. We are constantly urging our partners to bear in mind the affect this has on customers and the inconvenience, as well as ourselves. Unfortunately, not all of them do provide this or able to, so an item can go out of stock at short notice or even discontinued and it unfortunately only comes to light when an order is made.

Information for a product differs to what I've been advised elsewhere - what should I do?

We regularly review our product listings to ensure they are up-to-date and contain the very latest information. Unfortunately, some suppliers can change small details from time to time without letting us know, and so if you have been advised differing information, we would ask that you please get in touch to let us know. Our team will look into this, checking with the supplier where necessary, and either advise if the information is accurate on our website, or ask our website team to update this to the latest information. We would also like to thank you for your help in this instance.

Do you offer guest checkout?

Yes, we do now offer the ability to guest checkout. You can still register for an account after checking out should you wish to, however, you no longer need to have an account in order to make a purchase with us.

Can I view manufacturer brochures online?

Yes, you can view manufacturer brochures on our website. We try to keep these up-to-date with every new edition that is released, wherever possible. You can view these by visiting our bathroom brochures page here.

How can I leave a review for you?

We welcome all reviews and this is a vital part of improving and maintaining the good customer service we pride ourselves on, so we would like to thank you initially for wanting to leave feedback whether positive or not. In the event you're intending to leave a negative review, we would kindly ask you contact us ahead of doing so, as we would like to try and restore confidence in us, and resolve any issues or concerns you may have. Nevertheless, you can leave a review on the following places:

Do you have an app?

No, we do not have an app at this time unfortunately.

I've spotted or experienced a website issue - what should I do?

We're very sorry to hear you've experienced a website issue. We would ask that if you do, you get in touch to contact us with any error messages so these can be investigated with our Technical teams.

Pricing, Price Matching & Quotes

Do you offer a price matching service or can you beat a quote?

We are more than happy to take a look at quotes you have received from other suppliers and will always look to provide our best available prices to you, as long as this is on like-for-like items that we both sell and can supply. However, we never guarantee we can beat a quote or price match, as this may not be realistic, or can be impacted by numerous outside factors from out of date pricing to other retailers’ offers and promotions, or own brand products. However, if you have found an item or have a quote cheaper on items we do sell and want to know what our best price is, then please get in touch with us and a team will be happy to review.

I have found an item cheaper elsewhere – why are you more expensive?

We are constantly reviewing our prices and aim to give our best available prices to customers. Other retailers can be cheaper from numerous reasons. This can be down to marketing strategies, special offers or deals,  or even because their website does not yet reflect price increases or strategies.

We understand customers always want the best value and most affordable items possible, however, we believe our reviews speak for ourselves and alongside good quality products, you’re also paying for a high quality of customer service that we pride ourselves on and believe sets us apart from other retailers.

Are your prices discounted all year round?

We offer a standard discount ranging approximately between 15%-35% (depending on the brand/manufacturer and product) all year round. The reason behind this is that it has become prevalent in the industry to offer a discount, and in order to remain competitive we have had to follow suit. Where prices fall outside of our standard pricing, this may be due to special offer prices, such as clearance stock, or special pricing from our suppliers that has allowed us to offer a cheaper price to you. These are likely to be time limited offers or subject to both availability and change.

There may also be time periods throughout the year where we offer a promotional code or discount code to offer additional savings.

Discounts & Discount Codes

Do you offer NHS and Blue Light Discount?

Yes, we do offer all NHS workers and emergency services workers discount. If you would like to make an order through us, we would need evidence such as a staff card or evidence of current employment sending through to us at the time of ordering, and we will supply an extra discount off your order.

How can I find any available promotional codes?

You can find all our latest discounts or offers that are live on our website by signing up to our Discount Codes page here: Simply sign up using your name and email address to reveal the latest promo codes. Additionally, in sale periods, we may also publish or promote the discount code on our main website for customers to use if they choose upon checking out. 

Our discount codes are subject to regular review and can be withdrawn at any point, or subject to change. Please note, therefore, that we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of any third-party websites that post discount codes via themselves or self-submission from users.

How can I add a promotional code to my order?

You can add any live discount code to the 'Enter Promo Code' box in the checkout process, and clicking the Apply button. If the discount code is live and applicable to your order, the amount will be discounted. Please note this relies on the discount code being live and meeting any order requirements, or within the timeframes specified. We cannot be responsible for information being incorrect on third-party websites if a discount code doesn't work, unfortunately.

Can I use more than one promotional code per order?

No. Customers are only limited to using one promotional code per order.

What do I do if I've forgotten to add a promotional code before checking out?

In the event that a discount code has been missed for genuine reasons, or if we are contacted within a reasonable timeframe, we can use our discretion to retrospectively apply this, and refund any difference. However, we do reserve the right to refuse in any situations where we feel it would be unfair to do so.

What should I do if my promotional code isn't working?

If your promotional code is giving an error message, make sure to check both that the code is a legitimate code, as well as that it hasn't expired to make sure it’s still valid. Please also check that you are inputting the code correctly before pressing apply. If the code is in date and still not working, contact our customer support team where this will be investigated to see why this may be happening.

What are the expiration dates for promotional codes?

The expiration date for each promotional code will be shown on our promo codes page if any apply, or this will be made visible on any sale banners. Where no expiration date is detailed, these will run until they are withdrawn or changed. We reserve the right to withdraw or change these at any time.

Are there any restrictions or terms and conditions with any promotional codes?

Yes. Only one promotional code can be used per transaction, and can only be used within specified or designated timeframes. Promotional codes may also be only limited to specific products, ranges, brands or categories on our website, and exceptions may apply to this. We will detail any terms and conditions at any time with any promotional codes.

Can I sign up to receive special offers or discounts?

Yes, you can register an account with us or subscribe to our marketing list where we send out information on special offers, as well as latest or new ranges & products, and any topical blog content we feel may be of interest to you.

Do you offer extra or special discounts on large or bulk orders?

We try to be fair to all customers regardless of order value. However, we do have some discretion on any discounts for large or bulk orders. If you are looking to place a large volume order, we may need to check with our suppliers in relation to stock and delivery timeframes, so we would advise you to get in contact with us with what items you require. Our team will investigate this and get back to you in relation to the relevant information, and a quote of what we can do in terms of pricing for you.

Can I use promotional codes on any website price including special offers?

Yes and no. Two separate promotional codes or offers cannot be applied together. However, where prices have been lowered to a special price or reduced for clearance, discount codes can still be applied with these unless specified otherwise.

How do I use a discount code for specific products or categories?

If a promotional code only applies to certain products or categories, then this will work in the same way as a normal promotional code. When you apply it, it will provide a discount against any eligible products only. If you receive an error message, then this may be down to the product not being applicable to the offer. If you feel it is, or there is an error occurring, then we would ask for you to contact us so this could be looked into for you.

Ordering and Payments

How far in advance should I order for items ready for my bathroom fitter?

We would strongly advise speaking to your bathroom fitter first to organise their availability and ensure you get a clear timeframe of when they can do the work in the first instance. We would always recommend leaving a month ahead of fitting taking place to order your items as this gives a clear window of time to allow for any items to come in to us or back into stock and to be delivered to you.

If you require us to hold the items, then we are more than happy to do this in our warehouse until you want the items despatching.

I have bought an item that is now cheaper but is yet to be delivered. Can I cancel and reorder at the cheaper prices?

We appreciate this may be frustrating but prices are subject to change and can both fluctuate up an down, and this can be based on a number of reasons. If you make an order, you are confirming you are happy with the price you are paying at that point. Nevertheless, depending on the circumstances, we can look into this but we cannot guarantee we will be able to make exceptions.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our website is set up to accept most major card providers, as well as payment through Apple Pay, Paypal and Paypal Express.

How do I know if an order has been made?

All customers will be returned to an order confirmation page after payment has been made, and will also receive confirmation via email. We would strongly advise not exiting the payment process or trying to refresh the page until you see the confirmation, as this could prevent the order going through or even cause duplicate payments.

What happens after my order has been made?

Once your order has been made, this will be sent to our office team who will process your order and check stock availability with our suppliers and in our warehouse. If this is in stock, they will place the order immediately and you will be informed of changes in the status of your order via email, including when it is picked and ready for delivery. Once at this stage a member of our team will be in contact to arrange delivery of the items at a convenient time.

If an item is out of stock or is likely to take a while to come into us, our team will communicate this to you immediately in order for you to make a decision on whether this is likely to be a problem or if you’re happy to wait.

I’m having payment issues – what can I do?

We can only apologise if you’re having payment issues and know this must be frustrating for you. A recent change was made so that all retailers and banks are required now to operate what is called 3D Secure 2. This is a mitigation to help prevent fraud and ensure that payments – such as large purchases and several purchases made in a short space of time – are legitimate and made by the cardholder.

As part of this change, all customers may be asked to authorise payments via either a text message, via their bank provider’s app either via notification and approving the payment, entering a code or number sent to you, or by providing the code via a telephone call. Some customers may also not have this set up via their card, so you may need to set this up via your bank to allow you to make payments online.

Additionally, banks are also being more stringent on payment authorisation and may refuse payment if they suspect fraudulent activity, which unfortunately we cannot do anything about and you would need to speak to them directly. If you’re encountering payment issues we would advise the following:

  • Check initially to see if you have been sent any authorisation/need to authorise the payment
  • Leave the page for a few minutes to see if the payment goes through eventually
  • If not, return to the basket and try checking out again a few minutes later
  • If further problems continue, either try an alternative payment method (if available) or contact your payment provider/bank to see if 3DS2 is set up or if the payment was refused for any reason

If you are still encountering issues following the above, please get in contact with us and we can look into this matter and try taking the payment over the phone instead.

I have made an order and wish to cancel it – what should I do?

We are very sorry to hear you wish to cancel your items. If you contact us, a member of our team will look into this and see if there’s anything we can do to avoid this, as we only want to make sure this is your last resort option. At this point, a team member will advise on the refund and cancellation process.