Inset Basins

An inset basin is designed to be built into furniture or surfaces. There are two main types of inset bathroom sink with numerous names, depending on whether the rim is visible or not. The first type is undermount bathroom sinks (also known as under-counter, countersunk or fully recessed bathroom sinks). These sit with the rim completely recessed and only the bowl visible. The second main type is drop-in basins (or flush mount basins), where the rim can be seen above the surface (not to be confused with countertop basins, which are completely different).

With a variety of choice in shape including round inset basins, rectangular inset basins or oval inset basins, to number of tap holes and size, there is a rich choice to pick from. This includes compact, cloakroom-sized small insets basins, or grand, family bathroom-sized large inset basins. This type of basin is immensely popular in hotels and boutique en-suites, due to their space-saving functionality and ability to combine with other bathroom features. So, whether it is a simple, minimalist modern drop-in basin, or a roll top and stylish traditional inset basin, find one to suit your space below.