Curved Basins

Conventionally, Curved Basins feature one flat edge, usually the rear or wall-mounted side of the basin, and a sweeping curved front and two sides that join with the back. As such, other names that they can be called include D Shaped Basins or Half Moon Basins, due to how their appearance matches both of these descriptions. However, they have evolved to include more angular or even more rounded curves. They are one of the most common basin shapes in UK bathrooms, with a rich variety of both modern bathroom sinks and traditional basins with elegant styles and features available.

Browse through our selection below and choose a great curved bathroom sink for your home, whether it's a pedestal basin, wall-hung basin, semi-recessed basin or one of the many other mounting or installation methods. Each basin varies in number of tap holes, features and size dimensions, allowing great flexibility to allow you to find one that suits your space best.