About Sanctuary Bathrooms

Step into our world and let us find your Sanctuary.

Sanctuary isn’t just a brand name. It’s the way we see bathrooms – areas of solitude, relaxation, an oasis. It’s an escape from the rat-race, downtime after a hard day, an escape away from family life, or simply just an hour’s soak for a bit of YOU time. We want to give that to you. 

Bathrooms aren’t just functional areas. They matter. They matter for health and wellbeing, both physical and mental. And because we’ve been in this industry for decades – 40 years of experience precisely – we know what our customers want, and more importantly what will make your bathroom your Sanctuary.

We are not a faceless company or owned by a big brand. We’re family-owned and family-run. We’re ordinary people just like you. That means that your expectations are our expectations. Your dreams are our dreams. No matter who you are or where you’re from, we care about you and want to give you the bathroom you desire.

Why Shop With Us

Every year, thousands of customers buy from us and trust us with helping to create their perfect bathroom. Residing the length and breadth of the UK - from Scotland to Cornwall - as well as internationally historically, including mainland Europe and as far away as Australia.

It is our customers that really illustrate best why you should let us assist and trust us with your bathroom needs. Our Trustpilot reviews provide many positive, five star reviews our wonderful customers have left us over the years. We’re extremely proud of – and stand by – our record: where over 8 out of 10 customers rate us as excellent and we have an average score of 4.6/5, and where great service stands out and underpins everything we do.

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A Number of Extra Reasons Why We’re Right For You:

Passionate people who care about delivering your Sanctuary, the Sanctuary way.

  • Personalised, great service – recommended and reviewed by our customers
  • 40 years’ experience in the industry meaning we have great experience and knowledge about what we’re selling
  • Researched products from reputable brands ensuring our customers get quality, great products at competitive prices
  • Family-run and by qualified tradespeople providing peace of mind that we know what we are talking about and that we have your back when it comes to installation and tradespeople
  • Named people, easily accessible and direct contacts, without having to jump through hoops or call options to get to the team you need to speak to
  • A middle-person between manufacturers and yourselves, meaning we can support, intervene and help with any issues prior or post-purchase

Our History & Experience

The business’s roots start back in the early eighties. A self-employed plumber, Des Roberts, started trading as Sanctuary Bathrooms in Yorkshire. His sons, Richard and James, also both qualified tradespeople, joined the business at the turn of the millennium and together they have built Sanctuary Bathrooms to a competitive brand, and trusted name in the industry, alongside their partners Sharon, Kerrie and Sarah who are all part of the business.

The brand has grown from a small family-run operation, selling as a Showroom and Install service, to a medium-sized purely bathroom fixtures and fittings supplier. This has led to the company opening its first showroom here in Leeds, as well as leasing and expanding its warehouse to hold more stock, and help to maintain the reputation that has been built.

The timeline below gives a snapshot of how the company has changed over the years:

Image showing the history of Sanctuary Bathrooms in a timeline format on a blue background

You Are What Makes Us Great

Every aspect of our business is set-up to deliver the best experience for our customers across every touchpoint of your bathroom journey, whether you're shopping online today or in-store. This could be using our knowledgeable sales and showroom staff, who can help and provide advice across every stage, from researching to buying through telephone, email, live chat and social media, or helping to bring your ideas and dream bathroom to life through our 3D bathroom design service

This continues through our other teams: those who process your order, our warehouse team picking and packing it, or organising delivery directly from ourselves or via one of our trusted courier partners, you can be assured that we want to make sure your experience is as great as possible. So, whether you’re looking for an entire new bathroom suite, or simply just replacing a bathroom tap or bathtub, we’re here for you.

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