Bathroom Vanity Units

Storage is a huge addition to any bathroom and a fantastic Bathroom Vanity Unit can keep a space looking clean and tidy, as well as helping to provide extra space. Bathroom Vanity Units are storage cupboards with doors or drawers, with a top fitted in the form of a bathroom sink or countertop, and that are usually placed in close proximity to bathroom mirrors for convenience when it comes to daily washing and beauty routines, differing them from ordinary bathroom cabinets. This combination reduces the need for separate items, giving more floorspace, making it less claustrophobic, or simply to add more items into the space to make it as homely as possible.

Choose from a vanity unit with a basin, which is a stylish unit with a fitted vanity sink or undermounted bowl sinks with a complementary surface or, alternatively, opt for a countertop vanity unit, which is a marble, granite or wooden flat worktop perfect for installing with a stunning bowl or trough countertop basin. Both are available as either wall hung vanity units and freestanding vanities, and with many different colours and styles in our range, there is fantastic versatility when it comes to adding a bathroom vanity to your space. You also don't need a large space with many sizes available from cloakroom-sized units to large or even vanities with two basins. Take a look through our full range below and buy the perfect one for your home today.

Want more information about bathroom vanity units? Take a look at our informative vanity unit buying guide here. From types of vanity unit, to styles, features, sizes and installation, we have covered the key questions you need to know.