Underfloor Heating

Warm up your bathroom with the luxury investment and addition of underfloor heating, perfect for those cold, wintry days either when you don't want to leave your bed, or just want to relax and enjoy a soak away from inclement weather outside. New bathroom underfloor heating comes in an affordable choice of options including both dry and wet options, and can be installed quickly and easily. Our electric underfloor heating comes in dry installation only, connecting to your mains supply and to a choice of underfloor heating mats and kits, available in different wattages and for a variety of different sized spaces, whether it is small or large. It can also be fitted discreetly under a number of different flooring options providing incredible versatility in your bathroom.

As well as offering the luxury of warmth on your toes every time you step into your bathroom, it also means that the heat is spread across the space both evenly and efficiently in the area it is laid, and can be more cost effective due to not necessarily needing the addition of other bathroom heating products, which can also open out more space. Pair with a underfloor heating thermostat, and have the comfort and luxury of being able to control both the temperature and programmable timings of when it comes on, even remotely with the wi-fi and smartphone app controlled options.