Check My Price

If you are looking to see if we can compete on any prices, then our Check My Price allows you to get our best available price* for the item/items you are looking for, or an entirely new bathroom suite you may have been quoted for. This page details everything you need to know about this service, what we can and cannot check, as well as everything you need to know about this service.

What is the Check My Price Service?

While getting the best available price for items to make your redesign or project as affordable as possible is undoubtedly important, for many people considerations such as trust, customer service and brand reputation may also play a part when it comes to buying. We recognise, therefore, that if you have a preference to shop with us over other retailers due to the high importance we place on these aspects, that seeing a cheaper price elsewhere you may reluctantly feel you have to shop elsewhere. Wherever possible, we don't want that.

Alternatively, if your experience with another retailer didn't match your expectations or has fallen short of what you had hoped for, we know you may want to take this to a retailer who will give you the care, understand your budget and needs, and try to provide a competitive alternative giving you the confidence in what you are purchasing.

We have therefore launched our Check My Price service, where you can contact us to ask us to review the price of an individual item all the way through to a 3D Bathroom Design and quote you have received to give your our the best possible price we can at that time. This is not a guarantee that we can or will price match - unfortunately this is not always possible - but we will always try to be fair and transparent in what we can and can't do for you.

Important Things To Note About 'Check My Price' Service

When using this service, there are a few things to consider ahead of contacting us and to make you aware of:

  1. We never make any guarantee to 'price match' or 'beat' any prices. We try to offer fair pricing from the off, however, there are a number of factors that may affect our ability to do this, which is why we state we will give you our best available current price or quote
  2. We will only compare like-for-like prices or quotes. By like-for-like we mean:
  • Products we have stocked/listed on our website, or products from those brands/ranges that we may be able to offer that are Showroom only
  • Only products that match the original specification and options selected on their website/in the quote provided
  • The same delivery timescales (where possible)

3. Timeframes: When using this service, while we will endeavour to get back to you within a quick and reasonable timeframe, usually within 24 hours Mon-Fri, or the next working day on weekends. However, for quotes or designs, we will communicate if this is likely to require any longer.

Submit 'Check My Price' Request

Please complete the form below to send your 'Check My Price' request through. Please make yourself aware of the information above and in the FAQs below before submitting.

What Can I 'Check My Price' On?

You can use the Check My Price service for the following two options:

Individual Items/Existing Baskets

If you have an individual item that you have found elsewhere or an existing basket you have built on our website, as well as another retailer, then we can give you our best possible price on that item/the basket. 

What We Can Check

  • Items from we have listed on our website
  • Products from brands and ranges we stock (if it isn't on our website, check with us and we'll confirm if we can or not).
  • Like-for-like products/bundles
  • Items that match the same specifications and options selected originally
  • Items all from one retailer

What We Can't Check

  • Own-brand products or ranges
  • Types of items we don't currently sell or have listed on our website
  • Items from manufacturers we do not stock
  • Ex-display items or bespoke items
  • Multiple Items, which are taken from different retailers to price match against 

Quotes & 3D Bathroom Designs

If you have received a quote or had a 3D Bathroom Design from another retailer that you are not happy with or just not confident shopping with, whether it's just a price check you want or a full review of everything, then one of our experts will be more than happy to take a look for you.

What We Will Do or Compare:

  • Like-for-like where possible, unless specified that you would prefer us to produce our own quote or we are reviewing a 3D bathroom design
  • Where we cannot provide like-for-like, such as on own brand products or items/manufacturers we do not stock, we will provide our best priced available alternative
  • Quote based on the same delivery timescales, options, and location

In the instances we are producing our own quote based on what you have been provided or 3D bathroom design, we will review this in line with the original brief provided/discussion with you, and produce our best priced alternative for you.

Check My Price - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Price Match?

We cannot guarantee that we can or will price match nor do we state we will or can, nor that we will beat a price. It is for this reason we explicitly state that whenever we are asked to look at the price of a product or a quote, that we will provide the best possible price we can at that time. This will vary from product to product, brand to brand, and also based on the price we are comparing against. As such, whether we can offer a price similar or the same as one you have seen will vary. However, we will always be transparent if we feel we cannot compete with a price you have been offered. We would hope we will try to be competitive in order for you to trust us over other retailers, however, we appreciate that this may not be the case for everyone.

What does the 'best possible price we can' mean?

As we never guarantee we can match a price or that we will beat it, we state that we will provide the 'best possible price at that time'. This means we will review the items or quote you have provided, and give you what our best price could be to make us more competitive with a price you have seen at that particular time. Our best possible price can change based on a range of factors from costs to us, delivery location, and also any pricing changes not reflected by other retailers at that time.

What factors affect whether you can offer a better price?

There are a number of factors that can affect the extent of what price we can offer:

  • The existing price that you have seen products at from other retailers
  • Whether the item is on a special offer or offer at a vastly reduced price
  • Whether the competitor website or retailer has old, incorrect or pricing mistakes, or has not updated their prices or included any supplier surcharges that may make us look significantly more expensive
  • The costs to us and any business costs that may affect the price we can offer
  • The location where you are based and delivery costs
  • Being respectful to the brands of the manufacturers we work with, who are keen to protect and maintain the integrity and image of their brand
Are 'Check My Price' figures and Quotes Time Limited?

Like any price, the available price we can offer is subject to change at any point. We do provide a maximum timeframe of 28 days in terms of any quote provided, however, as prices are subject to change this may alter if there are any price increases. We will always notify you of any upcoming price increases at the time, where we know of them, when we provide our best possible price in order for you to make a considered and informed decision.

Will you check my price again if another company offers to beat it?

No, out of fairness to other customers and in line with our 'best price possible at that time', we will not re-review any price after this has been provided to you. As such, if you choose to go to another retailer to see if they can beat us, that is your prerogative, however, any price we give you will remain the best one we can offer regardless of that outcome.

Is there a minimum order value to use this service?

No, this service is open to anyone regardless of the item or amount you are looking to spend.

What if I find the item cheaper after asking you to Check My Price?

Unfortunately, if you have been provided with our best possible price at that time, that is the only price we can offer. Prices are subject to change regularly online and can go up and down. Where you have ordered from us, your statutory rights are not affected and we understand if you would prefer to cancel the order, although we really hope you wouldn't want to. In the event that you do, our Returns Policy in respect of cancelling an order also applies in that for any special order items, ex-display items, or bespoke purchases, these cannot be cancelled.