Single Ended Freestanding Baths

A single-ended freestanding bath combines the style and elegance of any freestanding tub with the design of a single-ended bathThis means that while the bath is perfect for a single person to relax into, the shape and design also means that it can only be used in one direction with your head at one end. This is noticeable with one side traditionally having a different size or angled design to the other end. Additionally, it also means that the bath taps, fillers and any overflow holes are located at one end of the bath as opposed to the side.

Many of our single-ended freestanding baths are stunning Slipper Baths, or sumptuous contemporary designed teardrop or oval shaped baths, along with the ever-practical single-ended freestanding shower baths. View our full range below and find your perfect single ended freestanding bath.