A common fixture in continental Europe, Bidets are a bowl or pan paired with a single bidet tap that users sit on or squat over to maintain high-levels of personal hygiene by washing hard to reach areas, such as around private areas after using the toilet or washing feet. As a result of this, they often have some levels of taboo around them, however, they are now growing in popularity here in the UK and can add a quality touch to any bathroom space of both modern or traditional styling. They can also be paired alongside douche valves and bidet showers for those that want additional bidet-like options.

Bathroom bidets come generally in three mounting styles, These are wall-mounted or wall hung bidets, which are fixed to a wall or furniture unit, floor standing bidets that tend to have open backs and are fixed from the ground, and also back-to-wall bidets, which sit flush to a wall. We have a great selection of all three types across our range to select from reputable manufacturers so browse our range and buy one for your home today.