Double Baths

If you are looking for a bath that can be used universally from either end then a double bath (alternatively referred to as double ended baths) are a great option for you. You can recognise double ended baths by the fact that the taps are largely located on the side length at the back of the bath if deck mounted, although you can also use wall-mounted or even floorstanding taps with them. Double baths also allow for the opportunity for two people to share a bath, so that means they are great for families with children, or couples.

We have a broad range to choose from including double ended freestanding baths, featuring Boat Baths with high backs for extra comfort, Back to Wall Baths, and traditional Roll Top Baths, as well as the more practical Shower Baths and Inset Baths. They also come in a mix of shapes, styles and sizes from squared to oval and small and petite, to large and wide for a luxury and stunning bathing experience. Choose a great double ended bath today from our range and upgrade.