Left Hand Basins

A left hand basin is most commonly one that is designed for people using their left hand to operate the accompanying tap. This means that, subsequently, the tap and tap hole - more often a single mono basin tap - is situated to the left side on a shelf-like area, or offset to the corner with the sink bowl area positioned to the right. However, this varies between manufacturers with a few preferring to define by the positioning of the sink area instead. Additionally, those paired with bathroom furniture, are often done so by the location of the basin, with tap holes situated in the normal place at the back, or by the design of the unit itself, if designed to sit in a corner of a room. It is worth checking your preferred location and style if unsure, however, all the ones listed below use the common used one based on the location of the basin tap.

Like their right handed counterparts, left hand basins are often more compact in size, so are great cloakroom basins, or ideal for ensuites or other smaller spaces. With a variety of shapes and mounting styles, from square basins to wall hung basins, and a variety of modern basins and traditional sinks to choose from, there is a great left handed basin for your space in our range.