Wet Room & Walk In Shower Screens

Find the perfect wet room shower screen or walk in shower screen from our range below, available in numerous styles, sizes and designs. Whether it is a completely floor-level and recessed wet room or a low profile walk in shower that is sought after, this selection of screens will help to shield an area of the bathroom from splashing or flooding, as well as helping to create a beautiful and stunning area to shower in.

Wet room and walk in screens can be incorporated alongside either a wetroom tray kit under the floor and can be paired with a variety of bathroom flooring or tiles, or a low profile shower tray, meaning you can create the perfect recessed, cubicled, or even open walk in shower or wet room area. Designs range from plain glass frameless styles to chrome or black framed designs, including the Square Framed styling, and can be paired with a choice of bracing bars, flippers or deflector panels, and even extra panels for an enclosed look. View and find the perfect wet room or walk in screen below.