Oak Bathroom Cabinets

Understandably one of the most popular wood finishes, oak bathroom cabinets and vanity units offer an abundance of opportunity. While many provide just an oak-look, the numerous shades available make this a sought after addition combining that natural look with a brown or grey colour tone. This ranges from the more paler tone of Nordic Oak to darker shades like Kansas Oak, Arizona Oak and even stone Oak.

With the of being able to hide away those notorious items that hang around on sink edges, window ledges and even in bedrooms, oak furniture not only provides immense practicality, but also a rustic look that can make it at home in both traditional and modern spaces, and within many styles ranging from rustic Farmhouse to trendy contemporary. Sizes vary from cloakroom vanity units, ideal for limited spaces, to large double vanity units, while this collection includes oak bathroom cabinetstall cabinets and WC units offering storage options for every area of a bathroom.