Returns and Refunds Policy

We know that sometimes things don’t work out. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, we have detailed our policies below for unwanted or wrong items ordered and damaged bathroom items. Please note that separate policies apply for the ordering of bathroom items and tiles and flooring. We would strongly advise that you read these prior to purchasing, as well as if you wish to return a purchase or a part of, or in the event that you are unhappy in any way with a purchase.

If you have any further questions about returns or refunds, please contact our customer care team online, or one isn't detailed below that you feel should be added, please speak to a member of our team by phone on 0113 244 4400 

Arrange a Return

Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings Returns Policy

What is your Returns Policy for unwanted bathroom fixtures and fittings?

When referring to bathroom fixtures and fittings, this includes everything, but not limited to, the following categories and everything included therein within these categories and sections within - Baths, Basins, Showers, Toilets Furniture, Heating, Taps, Accessories and Suites & Sets. When cancelling an order for bathroom fixtures and fittings, we simply ask that:

  • You contact us prior to organise a return in order that we can ascertain any issues, and attempt to resolve any issues, or alternatively assist with the best course of action
  • That all items are returned safely in their original packaging.  
  • That all items return undamaged & in a resaleable appearance (with exception to any product faults or defects)

For this reason, we highly recommend you keep hold of all packaging until you’re 100% certain that you’re happy with your order, and that it has been installed and fitted correctly.

To exercise your right of cancellation, you must first provide us with notice informing us of your intention to return an item. This can be done online via live chat or email, which can be accessed through our Contact page. We’ll need details of the goods you wish to return, as well as your reason for doing so and your delivery information. Once we have these details, we can advise you on how to complete your return using the Arrange a Return link below. 

How do I arrange a return of unwanted bathroom fixtures/fittings?

Once you’ve let us know about your return, simply click the button below to begin the returns process: 

 Arrange a Return 

Information You Will Need/Have To Hand:

  • Order Number
  • Postal Code
  • Product Information
  • Any information or photographic evidence to support your return
  • Contact Information

Steps In The Returns Process:

  1. Click the Arrange A Return Button above
  2. Enter your location and select either the Return or Warranty Option (depending on your reason for return)
  3. Enter your order number (this should be a six digit number like 123456 or will be 10 digits separated by a hyphen e.g. 12345-12345). If you have any problems at this point, please contact us and someone will assist you
  4. Review the list of items and choose which you would like to return, as well as selecting the appropriate reason from the dropdown menu
  5. Once these have been specified, click save and move on to the next section, which will provide options for the course of action you would like including refund, exchange or store credit.
  6. At this point, you can also attach photographs or supporting evidence for your claim, along with any information or descriptions that can help us identify any problems or reasoning behind the return
  7. Finally, choose your preferred method of shipping and confirm your contact information before submitting via the 'Request Return' button. We will then review the request and inform you of the next steps
  8. Once it has been authorised, you will be sent or provided with documentation for how to return the items, and anything to print out or attach to the packaging ready for collection/to send an item back to us directly
What items qualify for a refund?

All of our standard items are covered by our returns policy, and we will offer a full refund of any returned items as long as the request is made within 30 days. For any items returned after the 30 day period but no later than 60 days, you will be offered a credit note towards another purchase minus any costs, which are detailed below. We will only accept returned non-faulty goods if we deem them to be in good condition, and we must receive them in their original packaging. Any item returned outside of the 60 days, we cannot accept any return for unless it is faulty (and evidence is provided of this from the time the item was delivered).

Please be aware that we cannot offer refunds or returns for bespoke or special-order items, such as painted baths, items that are personalised or special created versions of an item, special finishes or colours, or any other products that you have been advised that are non-returnable, or items that have been sold as ex-display, clearance stock, or discontinued items.

Do you charge a re-stocking fee/costs for returning items?

Within 30 Days:  

We can offer a full refund for any return made within the 30 day period . There is no re-stocking fee applied to any returns made within the 30 day period. While we are also happy to collect unwanted or returned items from you, we do charge for the transportation costs associated with returning the items to us, and which must be paid prior to any collection being organised or processed. The amount chargeable will depend on the size of items and also your location. Our standard collection fees are:

  • Small Items (Non-fragile) - £15.00*
  • Medium/Large Items including all fragile items - £80.00*

*Please note that in both instances if your location is somewhere a surcharge was applied for delivery (for additional transport costs), we will apply a similar charge to any collection, and this will be charged at the applicable rate ahead of collection.

31-60 Days: 

If you are returning items over the initial 30 day period, then all returns will be subject to the costs detailed above. However, in this instance, we will provide a credit note (that can be used within 12 months from date of issue) to the same value of your order, minus any costs charged for collection.

Over 60 Days:

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any returns after the initial 60 day period.

Can I return items myself?

If you do not want us to collect the items, or would prefer to return the items yourselves, then you can do this. This would be entirely at your own risk, however, and any damage caused in transportation between yourself and our returns address may affect the outcome of your claim and eligibility for any kind of refund.

If you do return items yourself, we would ask that you always ensure you:

  • Communicate to us your intentions prior to returning items and completing the returns process
  • Use a trusted or reputable returns partner, obtaining proof of postage/delivery, and suitable tracking information 


  • You return the items to us directly yourself, if possible, to our designated returns address after notifying us of your plan to return the items
What is your returns policy for damaged or defective items?

Despite both ours, and our suppliers, best efforts and through no fault of our own, some items can either experience damage during transportation, or develop faults after installation and we can only apologise if you have experienced this with items you have bought. Please be assured that we take every endeavour to ensure your item leaves our warehouse, or via our suppliers and partners, in excellent condition and packaged appropriately. 

Please note, this section does not apply to any instances where we suspect and have reasonable evidence of damage caused by a fitter through mishandling, wrong or poor installation, and for any issues arising outside of the stated warranty period or that are excluded from the warranty including user error. In instances, where an issue arises that isn't covered under warranty, then we will make every effort to assist wherever we can, however, you may be liable for any costs relating to replacements or fixing the item.

In the event, that you receive a damaged item on arrival or a fault develops that is covered under warranty, then the following steps will apply:

Damaged on arrival/receipt of item

  • We would always ask customers to check items prior to accepting a delivery or within a reasonable timeframe, such as within the first 72 hours of receipt, to ensure they are in a suitable condition & that you are happy. Additionally, we would always ask customers to retain their original packaging until such a time they are happy with the item, or a replacement has been provided to satisfaction
  • If, for any reason, you are not happy with the items, then we would ask you contact us within the same reasonable timeframe to notify us of the issues
  • When contacting us, we would require any supporting evidence, such as photography or videos, in order for us to understand the problems so please ensure you have this to hand.
  • We will then investigate the issues with our warehouse, delivery partners or suppliers and manufacturers where applicable. If we do not have any supporting evidence, please note this may affect the outcome of the process & we cannot process any refund until this is supplied. If you are unable to send photos, then we may ask for you to return the items to us or the supplier for us to inspect the items. This can either be arranged via collection ourselves, at your own expense (please note you will be liable for the costs if you wish to take this option), or by returning to our Warehouse directly.
  • If we are unable to resolve the problem there and then, or the fault requires the product to be sent back to us, then we will contact you to start the returns process and organise the return of any items. If we, or our suppliers, deem this unnecessary, we will advise you on how to proceed. Please note, we advise that you do not dispose of any items unless directed to by us or our suppliers, and until the matter has been concluded satisfactorily.
  • Arrange the return via our returns portal (if required) Arrange a Return - you will be directed on which option to select (follow the steps above for more information)
  • We will arrange collection (if required) or process your return request and advise of next steps. Please note that it may take a short period of time to conclude our investigations, and so while we appreciate it may be frustrating, we would always advise to leave an amount of time for us to speak to the suppliers and for them to get back to us (such as 5-7 working days, although every effort will be made to quicken this for you) before chasing regarding the status of any claim.
  • If either we, our suppliers, or our manufacturers accept liability for any issues, you will be provided with the following options:
    • A full refund, if you seek no replacement
    • A replacement to be sent out, if required, for the same item, if it has been returned out to us - please note, if you wish to exchange for an item of a lower or higher value, we will either refund the difference or charge for any difference in cost.
    • If you have been advised to keep the item, we may organise a collection and replacement to be done on the same day (we will communicate this to you), or we will send out the new item and what to do in respect of the item already received
  • We will advise of timeframes for any refunds or collections after receiving your request. In the case of refunds, as guidance, we would always state to allow time to both come into us, and be sent back to our supplier (if required), and any refunds to be processed to us. Once this is done, we will then process your refund, which can take up to 7-10 working days.

Damaged after installation/fault after installation

We understand that this may be both frustrating and inconvenient, and we're very sorry you have experienced an issue with your product. Please be assured that we take every endeavour to use reputable suppliers, although unexpected faults can unfortunately occur from time to time. In the event that this happens, and you wish to claim under warranty issue (subject to exceptions or reasons outlined at the top of this section), then the following steps apply:

  • We would ask you to contact us as soon as any problem arises and within the designated warranty period (where applicable). If a problem occurs outside of the warranty period, please be assured we will look into this for you, however, this is entirely at the manufacturer's discretion as to any requests made, and any action they can take.
  • When contacting us, we would require any supporting evidence, such as photography or videos, in order for us to understand the problems so please ensure you have this to hand. In the event, that this has not been supplied then the manufacturer may refuse any refund or replacement request until it is provided in line with any warranty conditions or terms and conditions.
  • Once we have this information, both we and our suppliers will investigate this and look into the problems faced. As advised above, please allow a reasonable period of time for us to speak to the supplier and obtain responses back (around 5-7 working days, although every effort will be made to speed this up for you). Once we are satisfied by the fault, and providing it falls within the warranty and any conditions, we will work with our suppliers to organise one of the following courses of action:
    • A replacement component or part to be supplied, in the event that the issue can be easily fixed
    • An expert from the manufacturer or supplier to visit and repair or correct the problem (where this is an applicable option)
    • A replacement or new item to be sent out to you to replace the faulty or defective item
    • A full or partial refund (if none of the above options are satisfactory), subject to timeframes & length of time since purchase, and providing all other options have been exhausted firstly (where reasonable).
  • We will advise of timeframes for any replacements to be dispatched, organise a repair of the item, or the processing of a refund at the conclusion of our investigation, and when we communicate what options are available from the manufacturer affected.

Tiles & Flooring Returns Policy

What is your returns policy for tiles?

We hope that you are completely happy with your tiles or flooring purchase, however, we recognise there are numerous instance in which you may wish to return items ranging from change of heart to any dissatisfaction with the products received. If you intend to return tiles or flooring, then there are specific points that any customer purchasing must follow to exercise this right, which we implement in line with the supplier's own returns policy:

  • You must notify us of any intention to return within three working days of receipt & this will need to be authorised by any supplier prior to doing so
  • Returns will only be accepted where the same batch number is available with the supplier. This is due to differences between batches in colours, finish, and products
  • All items must be returned as packaged and in complete boxes, unfitted or installed, and in a resaleable condition
  • Customers will be responsible for paying the costs for any collection or returns, which we will organise for you
  • In the event of damaged items, incorrect items, or if the items are less than ordered, then photographic evidence will need to be supplied within the same timeframe & replacements can be sent as long as the product has not been installed
  • Please note, any special order items, end of line products, clearance stock or bespoke products are exempt from cancellation or returns in line with our supplier policies.

In these instances, we strongly advise that while we advise customers to over-purchase tiles in order to ensure sufficient amount for full coverage of the space, as well as damage during the installation process, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the amount ordered; that you inspect the product on arrival; and, that you do not throw away any packaging until you are completely happy and the product has been installed.

Any returns not following the above guidelines or the process outlined in the next section may be refused by the supplier & as such, ineligible for returns or refunds.

How do I arrange a return of tiles?

If you wish to arrange a return of tiles purchased through us, the following process will apply:

  1. Inspect items on arrival/delivery to your address, retaining any packaging
  2. Contact us within 3 days of purchase to notify of any issues or intention to return for any reason.
  3. We will contact the supplier to see if a return is firstly possible in line with the conditions in the policy. If this is possible, we will organise the return and obtain a returns number and share this with you
  4. At this point, we will also organise a collection of the items from the delivery address back to the supplier (please note that any returned items will have to be done so within 8 weeks from delivery)
  5. Once received, it can take 10 days for the return to be processed by the supplier
  6. Following receipt of any refund to ourselves, we will arrange subsequent refund to the original payment method paid with, excluding any costs outlined to you or detailed in our returns costs section. Please note, this may take 7-10 days for any refund to be processed.
Are there any costs for returning tiles (such as re-stocking charges, delivery costs)?

When returning tiles for any reason, then there are a number of costs from suppliers that we will have to apply to your order.

  1. A 20% restocking charge will apply for any instances of change of heart/over-ordering that you wish to return (subject to any return being approved)
  2. Any refund will be processed excluding any delivery charges paid at the time of ordering
  3. Additionally, an £80.00* fee will be chargeable for collection and returning of the items

*If surcharges were added at the time of purchase due to location or locality, then similar surcharges will also be added to the standard return fee

What about if my items are damaged, arrive in an unsatisfactory condition, or are missing?

We appreciate that in certain circumstances, despite the best intentions of our suppliers and ourselves in terms of packaging and protection, some tiles may not arrive in a condition to your satisfaction. If any tiles arrive damaged, or are missing in any way, we would ask that you take the following steps:

  • Inspect items on arrival/delivery to your address, retaining any packaging
  • Contact us within 3 days of purchase notifying us of the issues, sending us any photographic evidence or information to support your claim
  • We will contact the supplier on your behalf with the evidence to see if they will accept responsibility, and arrange for either a replacement or to arrange a return and dispatch of replacements. Please note, for any claim to be considered the product must not have been attempted to be installed, or be installed.
  • If the claim is accepted, we will pass this information on to you and arrange for dispatch and delivery of replacements with you at a convenient time. If you wish to cancel the order completely, then we will communicate this with the supplier and advise of any next steps (along with any details regarding the refund process), and returning or disposal of any damaged or incorrect products.

Returns & Refunds - General FAQs & Help

I have had items delivered but I no longer want the item. How do I return it?

We are very sorry to hear you wish to return items or cancel an order made with us. We would urge you to get in touch so we can find out the reasons and see if there’s anything we can do to assist or help. In the event that you wish to return an item, you will need to follow our Returns Policy and process detailed in the above FAQs on this page, depending on whether you are looking to return bathroom products or tiles.

I bought an item a while ago but I only just found that it is damaged - can you refund it?

It is your responsibility to check items within a reasonable timeframe, and in good faith, and alert us to any faults upon receipt of the items. We would always advise customers to check the items within the first 72 hours of receipt, where possible. If you have had the items for a longer period of time, such as beyond 30 days, then we may need to look into this matter with the manufacturer and review this on a case by case basis. As such, please get in contact and a member of our team will help. 

My fitter damaged an item, what should I do?

We are very sorry to hear that your fitter or installer has damaged an item. While we have every sympathy with you for the situation, unfortunately, we cannot refund or accept items back that have been damaged by either installers or users. We would be more than happy to order and send out a new item for you but this would be payable. In this instance, we would strongly advise you to speak to your installer or fitter to see if they would be willing to cover the costs of a replacement, as any claim would have be taken up with them.

How long will my refund take?

If you have made an order and not yet received the items, if we are able to cancel this through our supplier then we should be able to make the refund on the same day or the next working day. 

For items being returned to us or damaged items, then this will depend on timerames, and refunds will only be processed upon receipt of the items back into our warehouse, and once inspections have taken place. However, we will make every endeavour to advise of approximate timescales for this process, and once complete, when any applicable refund will take place. In all circumstances, please allow 5-7 working days for refunds to show in your account from the point the refund is processed.

How do I receive a refund and can I get one to a different payment method?

Refunds will be provide in line with the above returns policies. Any refunds will be processed back to the payment method originally used, and cannot be given or refunded to a different payment method unfortunately.

Do you offer exchanges?

If you have just ordered the wrong item, or wish to change your order to include different items, then we will be more than happy to swap this for you. Please get in touch with our Customer Service team as soon as is possible, and we will be happy to update your order, and take payment for any cost differences or refund any costs back to you (if required).

If you have received an item already, then the item you wish to swap will need to be returned to us in line with the Returns policy above with its original packaging. As we will have to inspect the item being returned, we will take full payment of the new item initially, and either organise a collection and delivery of the items at the same time, or you can return the item to us directly. Once the returned item has been inspected, we will refund the cost with the amount being returned to you in around 7-10 working days, if not sooner.

What is your warranty period?

All products are guaranteed against defects and faults with ourselves for an initial 12 month period (except otherwise specified), as part of a manufacturer guarantee, subject to the information detailed in our information above about defective bathroom items or tiles. Outside of this period, any faults and defects will be subject to manufacturer's guarantee period not including any exceptions. Manufacturer guarantees can range between 12 months to a lifetime guarantee or 25 years. This can vary between products or product components too, so we would always advise checking before submitting a claim. You may also need to comply, or have complied, with any requirements after purchase to qualify for any extended or full guarantee periods specified by the manufacturer.