Oval Semi Recessed Basins

This section features all of the Oval Semi Recessed Basins supplied from reputable manufacturers, incorporating simple elliptical, egg-shaped or curved designs - alongside the half-recessed or semi-inset installation style of this particular type of bathroom sink. While the vast majority of the basin is hidden, either flush-level with your chosen bathroom furniture item, worktop or counter or with the edges visible, the front sits exposed almost sitting on a ledge overhanging the front.

Whether it is a striking modern semi recessed basin, or one rich in heritage and reminiscent of bygone eras like one of the traditional semi recessed basins, there a variety of styles to suit any taste. Additionally, with both small semi recessed basins and large semi recessed basins as well, whether it is a family bathroom or a cloakroom being refreshed, there is a great selection to choose from.