A Bathroom Home Improvement Guide For All Budgets

image of a closed toilet in a mosaic tiled bathroom with paint try and paint covered roller on top
Author: Mark Fullilove
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Decorating or renovating your bathroom has likely crossed your mind before, but it’s easy to forget to action anything. Ideally speaking, you should decorate your bathroom every 5 years. So, we conducted a survey asking homeowners how bathrooms affect the price, and potential interest in your home.  

Saying this though, many people don’t know where to start. But renovating your bathroom(s) generally brings a good return on investment, for when the time comes to sell your home. So, replacing things such as lighting, taps, fittings, or even incorporating a statement like a coloured toilet, can not only uplift your bathroom but can make it more profitable.

There are many unique improvements that you might be unaware ofThat’s why we’ve created this helpful bathroom renovation guide, to ensure your bathroom looks its best at all times - and for a long time.

What Are People Looking for From A Bathroom When Buying A House?

According to our recent researchthe highest number of respondents (24%) said they would renovate their bathroom every 2-3 yearsOf course, there are many factors to be considered when putting an offer on a home, and the bathroom is a leading point of contention.  

According to our survey results, these are the 10 features that would make buyers less likely to make an offer on a home:   

  1. A bathroom in need of renovation (42%) 
  2. A downstairs bathroom only (34%) 
  3. A bathroom without windows (31%) 
  4. The bathroom looking dirty (31%) 
  5. The property not having a shower (bath only) (30%) 
  6. Only one bathroom in the property (26%) 
  7. The property not having a bath (shower only) (26%) 
  8. A small bathroom (22%) 
  9. Lack of storage space (22%) 
  10. The property doesn’t have an ensuite (19%)

Whereas, these are the top 10 bathroom features homeowners said they’d be more likely to increase their offer for:

  1. An ensuite bathroom (48%) 
  2. An additional bathroom downstairs (43%) 
  3. A walk-in shower (39%) 
  4. A completely refurbished bathroom (33%) 
  5. More than one bathroom (30%) 
  6. Plenty of storage space (29%) 
  7. A clean-looking bathroom (28%) 
  8. A large, spacious bathroom (22%) 
  9. A separate bath and shower (22%) 
  10. A freestanding bath (18%) 

Clearly, it’s worth sprucing up your bathroom not only for yourself but for when you eventually put your home on the market.

Bathroom Renovation Advice According to Your Budget

Bathroom home improvements are wanted by all, but of course, you need to be realistic with your budget and what you can afford.  

 Jonathon Rolande, Director at HouseBuyFastsays that “In contrast to rooms like living rooms and kitchens, you don’t want the bathroom to look lived-in. And with frequent use, a bathroom can start to look tired within 4-5 years.”  

 So, we’ve listed the different bathroom renovation ideas you can incorporate, according to the budget you’re working towards: 

For A £2,000 Budget

If you’re hoping to spruce up your bathroom for under £2,000, there are plenty of ways to do this. It seems 10% of house buyers would spend £1,501-£2,000 on a bathroom renovation. So, here are our best pieces of advice:  

infographic showing moodboard of images for what can be done on a £2000 budget when renovating a bathroom

Add Some Statement Tiles 

Rather than spending a great deal on retiling your whole bathroom, we’d recommend tiling one wall to spruce up your bathroom interiors. Adding new, detailed tiles to the largest wall in your bathroom will give this room a new lease of life.  

Hexagon tiles are great for this kind of bathroom renovation, as they provide an extra element of texture and design, becoming a focal feature of your bathroomAnd remember to choose colourful tiles to set ofyour bathroom’s style, too, such as deep greens and bold blues.  

Integrate Bold-coloured Fixtures and Fittings 

For a budget of under £2,000, adding black or brushed brass fixtures and fittings work beautifully when you’re updating your bathroom. These small changes make a big impact, and incorporate modern design easily and affordably! 

Add A Statement Basin 

Aelegantly designed basinwill make a statement in your bathroom, uplifting your bathroom décor entirely. Premium furnishings, like a marble-effect round washbowl will work wonders for your bathroom, bringing a modern edge to this space, especially paired with bold taps.  

You can easily make this the focal point of your bathroom, drawing everyone’s eyes to this contemporary sink as part of your bathroom design.  

For A £5,000 Budget 

We found that just over 10% of homeowners would spend £4,000-£6,000 on a bathroom renovation to add value to their home. 

 infographic showing moodboard of images for what can be done on a £5000 budget when renovating a bathroom

These are the best ideas for bathroom home improvements for a budget of up to £5,000, helping you to renovate this space with an extra injection of cash. 

Add A Vanity Unit 

A vanity unit opens up your bathroom, and allows for more storage, providing organisation for your toiletries and other itemsAnd a quarter (25%) of those looking to buy a home with their partner said they’d be less likely to make an offer on a bathroom with a lack of storage spaceSo, it’s certainly worth incorporating as many storage solutions as possible. 

 Adding a wall-hung vanity unit also brings a more minimalistic style to your bathroom design, thanks to the drawer space which minimises clutter. 

Introduce A New Toilet and Matching Sink 

Adding a new toilet and matching sink to your bathroom will make it look brand new, as new furnishings can really modernise a bathroomToilets and fixtures – like the flush, can age over time, and make your bathroom appear older than it is. So, adding a contemporary toilet, paired with a matching sink, will wholly transform your bathroom.  

Contemporary wall-hung toilets work brilliantly for new bathrooms, effortlessly adding a fresh new lookPlus, you’ll benefit from a newer, improved toilet and water system than your current appliances 

Update Your Shower Area 

Nearly 40% of potential buyers overall would increase their offer on a home that had a walk-in shower in the bathroom. So, integrating this feature into your bathroom could boost your home’s value.  

You could also transform your bathroom by simply updating the shower area with a new showerhead and screen. Many people forget how old fixtures like showers can affect the look of their bathroom when not updated. 

Also, new touches to your bathroom won’t take the same effect if your shower area isn’t considered. For instance, a brushed brass Crosswater shower pack will really improve your bathroom’s interior, bringing a contemporary, luxurious feel to this room. And this addition will certainly be remembered by all that set foot in it! 

Another great idea for this bathroom budget is to integrate some unique statement tiles, to set off the room. Within the £5,000 bathroom budget, you can tile each wall, or just one feature wall if you prefer. 

For A £10,000 Budget 

Alongside updating your bathroom tiles, fixtures, fittings, and incorporating new accessories, these bathroom home improvements will work wonders for a budget of up to £10,000. 

infographic showing moodboard of images for what can be done on a £10000 budget when renovating a bathroom

Integrate A Matching Sink Basin and Toilet Unit   

Consider investing in a quality sink basin and toilet unit to match. Pairing both of these styles of furnishing evokes a lavish look, especially if you prefer more traditional-looking bathroom styles.  

Opt For a Freestanding Bath  

Adding an elegant, freestanding bath can really uplift your bathroom décor. In fact, 18% of respondents said they’d increase their offer on a home with a freestanding bath, almost half as much as those who would for a walk-in shower.  

Why? Because they inject that extra element of relaxation, which you’ll feel as soon as you walk through the door. 

Modern freestanding baths bring a spa-like feel to your bathroom, turning it into a sanctuary to escape in, inviting you to take a hot bubble bath when you need some “me time.   

Instead of adding a lick of paint to the walls, opt for dusky pink freestanding bath to make a statement. Choosing a striking coloured freestanding bath turns this bathroom piece into a focal point, and really transforms your bathroom’s design. Although, do try to avoid bright colours that will outdate quickly.

Integrate A Luxury Freestanding Vanity Unit 

A lot of premium hotels incorporate sophisticated, freestanding vanity units. Why not incorporate this into your own home? Doing so will completely uplift your bathroom. This style works particularly well for traditional or retro-inspired bathrooms.  

You can also pair your freestanding vanity unit with premium elements such as traditional bathroom taps or a traditional toilet. These fixtures will really set off the look and achieve a classic style for your bathroom’s new transformation.

For Bathroom Renovations on A Smaller Budget 

Iyou’re hoping to make affordable changes to your bathroom, these are some of the quick and easy choices you can make, using a budget of £200 - £500: 

Concentrate on New Fixtures and Fittings 

Update the likes of your shower head, taps, towel rails, and even your radiators and toilet roll holder. These small changes come with a big impact and will transform your bathroom for a lower cost. 

Bring Black Fittings to Your Bathroom 

Black bathroom fittings, such as taps, door handles and accessories, are very popular at the moment. Adding these to your bathroom will add a contemporary edge, without you needing to spend a fortune.  

 Black fittings are also an excellent, timeless choice, you won’t need to keep updating them to move with the new trends 

Change Up Your Accessories  

For money-saving bathroom ideas, consider changing up your bathroom accessories; this is an easy way to uplift your bathroom’s interiors.  

 For instance, high-quality bathroom fittings will stand the test of time, and last much longer. So, it’s certainly worth investing in these - if you can. 

 You can change these bathroom accessories to improve your décor: 

  • Shelving. 
  • Mirrors. 
  • Toilet roll holder(s). 
  • Storage units. 
  • Soap dispensers.  
  • Toothbrush holder(s). 
  • Toilet brush. 
  • Bath storage rack. 

Older furnishings can naturally age your bathroom. If you own a chrome toilet roll holder, toilet brush, storage rack or soap dispenser, for example, these can rust over time. So, swapping items like these out for new ones will help you achieve that modern bathroom look seamlessly.  

Bathroom accessories that won’t rust need to be made of 

  • Stainless steel – This is rust-resistant material, so always try to incorporate accessories using this metal.  
  • Copper. 
  • Solid brass. 
  • Gold – Although this comes at a higher price! 

Now that you know what’s required to modernise your bathroom, according to your specific budgetit’s time to start incorporating these ideas into your home 

For further bathroom ideas and inspiration, read more of our helpful guides over on The Journal or our Guides and Advice section.


image of a closed toilet in a mosaic tiled bathroom with paint try and paint covered roller on top