Boat Baths

Boat Baths, also known as Bateau baths or bateau style, are a stylish and decadent type of freestanding bath with two high curved ends that dip in the middle. This iconic and highly noticeable shape is reminiscent of the curved shape of boats, and more often than not they come with decorative features that create a luxurious look to any bathroom space.

The double-ended freestanding bath design means that you can bathe in it from either end or the tub can be used by two people at once, with the high-back ends providing excellent back support and for you to relax into. You will find a fantastic choice of both traditional and modern bateau baths in a glorious range of colours, perfect for any theme bathroom space.

    Boat & Bateau Bath Frequently Asked Questions

    Boat baths can provide a luxury centrepiece addition and focal point to any bathroom. However, with many options to choose from, then it is understandable that researching these baths is vitally important. As such, if Boat Baths are of an interest or if you are still then we have compiled some of the most common FAQs to help you get started. If there is a question missing from below that could help others, please contact us and we will add it below.

    What is a Boat Bath?

    A boat bath, or bateau bath, is a luxury form of freestanding bathtub, which has a design where the ends of the bath are taller than the centre of the bath. As such, the rim or edge of the bath has a curved appearance, much like the edge of a boat.

    More often than not boat baths are traditionally-designed with a plinth like base and a roll top, curved edge, although there are some that feature more minimalist designs that are suitable for spaces with transitional design touches or modern-looks too.

    Where Does The Name Boat Bath Come From?

    The name of the boat bath is reflective of the shape of these bathtubs, which is said to look like the bow of a bath. The origin of the name is often credited of coming from 19th century France, and in particular, the company Jacob Delafon (often misattributed to Joseph Delafon). As such, the word ‘bateau’, which is also a commonly used name of this style of bath, literally means ‘boat’. However, some credit the actual creation of these baths from even earlier although limited to aristocracy and never popularised to the same extent.

    As cast iron bath production ramped up, it was at this point that a more luxurious design was sought, and the curved design of the bateau bath was created to provide a more luxurious bathing experience.

    Are Boat Baths Double Ended Slipper Baths?

    Technically, yes. A boat bath is different to slipper tubs by virtue that the bateau design is generally double-ended, not single-ended. However, a slipper’s end can vary in shape and curve differentiating it slightly in shape, whereas a boat bath tends to always follow the smooth, sweeping and symmetrical curve associated with the name. Nevertheless, some people do refer to boat or bateau baths as 'double ended slipper baths'.

    How Comfortable Are Boat Baths?

    Boat baths provide curved ends that you can lie back into, and are perfect for a relaxing soak. Some companies are also re-designing these tubs to include ergonomic shapes and backrests for additional comfort. They are available in number of different materials including acrylic, stone and metallics, as well as different sizes to suit preference in comfort. Many people like boat baths for the ability to soak, bathe from either end, as well as their stylish and eye-catching design.