Countertop Vanity Units

Create a stunning focal point in a bathroom with a Countertop Vanity Unit, a storage option that can be installed with an equally impressive countertop sink for a great all-in-one solution. Countertop Vanity Units provide places to store away accessories and personal items behind doors or pull-out drawers that are fitted with a full worktop or countertop on top, often made out of marble, granite or a matching wooden surface. This provides a great surface to sit the basin on, and which can be installed with a choice of tap alongside it.

They can be installed as either freestanding vanity units, or to make the room look spacious and larger, the floating wall hung vanity unit offering suitable choices for all spaces of sizes with both cloakroom and large options available. Further configure and find the perfect countertop vanity unit for your space with stunning contemporary or traditional options, all of which come in a fabulous mix of colours to suit many tastes.