Corner Baths

Corner baths provide fantastic bathing space without taking over your entire room if you are looking for something that can fit snugly into a tight or small space. We also feature Offset Baths in our collection, with both of these baths having two flat edges that allow the bath to sit against the wall and a curved front. Many corner and offset baths are J Shaped Baths and while a lot are deliberately smaller in size for comfort, space-saving and can sit discretely in the corner of your room, we also offer more standard sized offset baths too.

Designs range from equal sized length and width corner baths, while some offer extra space with a longer length than width for a more quadrant or offset quadrant appearance. Some of these baths also come with a shower screen for a delightfully simple shower bath. They also offer a great contemporary bath for your space with many made from acrylic in the conventional white colour of the modern tub. Find a great corner or offset bath for your space with fast delivery options and reputable brands to choose from.