Shower Heads

A brand new and replacement shower head for your bathroom can give a bathroom a refreshing lift, as well as offering practicality and even adding theatre to your showering experience. Shower heads are a fundamental necessity as part of any shower system, so getting a reliable, long-lasting and quality one is vital for any householder.

Much of our range are fixed shower heads, meaning they are mounted in one location, and the water being released in a rain and waterfall motion. This can be either as a wall-mounted head or ceiling mounted headwith the ceiling options coming with a shower arm or as a recessed head. You can also shop through various coloured from brass to matt black, and rectangular, square, and round shapes in traditional and modern styles. Our modern options include a LED illuminated shower head, a worthwhile investment and stunning accompaniment to any contemporary bathroom. Whatever you require, we've got a quality design for your space.