Dual Fuel Radiator Valves

If you want all year round heating in your bathroom, whether for room warmth or just to keep items cosy, Dual Fuel Radiator Valves are the perfect addition. Dual Fuel Valves omit the need for a separate t-piece with an element, and so can be used with both central heating and electric systems. This means that hot water or gas system aren't required in hotter months when heating isn't required but bathroom towel rails and radiators can be used for drying off items like towels after usage.

Dual Fuel Towel Valves come in a number of different style choices varying in modern and traditional designs, whether it is straight towel rail valves, corner valves, or angled valves required, a broad range of colours to match both the chosen heating product and brassware in the space for a consistent look, and also in both manual and thermostatic options.