Toilet Flush Buttons & Plates

Find the perfect Toilet Flush Button or Toilet Flush Plate to accompany your toilet system today, with lots of colours and styles to choose from and that can complement your chosen style and brassware colour. This includes chrome flush plates all the way to matt black, stainless steel and more. Flush Buttons and flush plates are used with a concealed cistern and wall hung toilet frames or back to wall toilet framesdepending on your choice of WC. They are usually wall-mounted for easy use and access, however, you can also get some that can be furniture mounted either on the front or top, depending on the design of the accompanying concealed cistern and toilet frame.

Our range includes both mechanical flush plates and pneumatical flush plates that operate with single flush button or dual flush button. These plates also offer a wide array of style choices and colours with square, circular or rounded push buttons. Select yours today from our collection and add a great finishing touch to your toilet.