Semi Recessed Rectangular Sinks

A Semi Recessed Rectangular Sink is a bathroom sink that integrates into a worktop or surface by being both partially exposed and partially concealed, in a rectangular, trough-like or oblong shape. The semi-recessed, or semi-inset, installation means that the bulk of the basin is recessed flush level in height with your chosen furniture or worktop, while only the front is visible with this 'overhanging' or slotting into the front of the unit. The rectangular shape means the basin is wider in size than its depth, and while most have striking angular appearances, several also incorporate curved corners.

All of semi recessed rectangular bathroom sinks and basins are available in either striking modern semi recessed basin or traditional semi recessed basin styles, offering a rich variety to suit whatever individual taste or preference is appealing. In terms of size, small, compact or short projection semi recessed basins and large semi recessed basins are all available, providing flexibility to work within any suitable space.