Cloakroom Vanity Units

Space does not have to be a limiting factor, and even smaller bathrooms can add much needed storage space with a Cloakroom Vanity Unit. They feature a smaller width and in some cases, a more slimline depth, enabling them to slot into a bathroom where it may be a tight squeeze, or you may be considering compromising on certain features. Some even slot into those underused areas like corner vanity units. The additional benefit of a small and compact vanity unit is that it keeps everything in one convenient location than having separate fixtures and fittings.

As well as a choice of a small vanity unit with a basin mounted on top, there are also a great selection of countertop vanity units, perfect for if the eye-catching countertop sink or bowl is the look you are searching for and perfect for sitting underneath a bathroom mirror for that all important daily routine. These can be installed as floorstanding vanity units, or if floorspace and a bigger room layout is key, a floating wall hung vanity unit. All of our cloakroom-compatible vanity units come in a mixture of finishes and colours, from white to black and lots in between, as well as modern and traditional styles to suit any taste. Take a look at our collection below and buy the perfect cloakroom vanity unit today.