3 Door Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets

Provide generous storage space and increase light into the space from one of these stunning 3 Door Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets. With three-way opening doors, it opens out into a large amount of cabinet space with shelving, ideal for storing items by each user or into designated sections including guest space. Larger-sized, these will enhance any space by offering a focal point being wall-mounted, as well as the numerous practical benefits they offer for using around bathroom sinks and in every day washing and personal hygiene routines.

Each of these triple mirror bathroom cabinets with its own style and personality, ranging from minimalist to having an abundance of features including demisters, bluetooth for audio and connecting to devices, and even charging sockets for shavers and USBs alike. They can also be installed as standard-fitted bathroom wall cabinets or choose a recessed mirror cabinet for a truly clean appearance.