Large Baths

Find fantastic quality large bathtubs in this section, each of which will provide you with a stunning and unique bathing experience. These big baths have lengths of 1.8m or more, while some are also wider and deeper for a truly spacious and comfortable, relaxing soak. Available as either single-ended or double-ended, they are perfect if you're wanting to bathe solo, for families, or if you're looking for something for romantic evenings with a partner.

Whether it's a glamorous freestanding bath, a more practical shower bath, modern back to wall baths, or a gorgeous inset bathour range features both bigger traditional baths and modern baths to cater for any taste or space. Large bathtubs come in a variety of colours and materials from standard acrylic, natural stone, or metallics like cast iron, making them a great choice for you. Take a look at our full range below and buy a great large bath for your space.