Free standing Towel Rails

Free standing (or freestanding) towel rails, which also are called floor standing or stand alone towel rails or radiators, are connected through pipework from the floor rather than being wall-mounted. The majority do usually have wall supports to keep them fixed and secure in place, with a small number truly freestanding with no wall fixings at all. As well as offering a practical space for hanging towels to keep them within easy reach, it has the benefit of being heated to help keep them warm and dry faster too. 

Some period style and traditional towel rails also come with the dual function of having both a rail as well as a traditional radiator too, offering the ability to warm a space at the same time. They can usually be operated via central heating systems, electric only, or dual fuel. Available in a choice of eye-catching finishes and colours, if a floorstanding option is one you are looking at, take a look at our options below.