Free standing Bathroom Cabinets

Free standing bathroom cabinets, or bathroom floor cabinets, sit either flush to ground or with feet options, and offer a great way to store items in close proximity to sanitaryware such as bathroom sinks, ensuring bottles and items are always within easy reach. There are a number of different floor standing options in terms of size available from mid-units, perfect for smaller spaces with a small cupboard space, larger open units with exposed shelving reducing the need of a door to open and close. Finally, do not forget our large and tall bathroom units fitted with legs with or without an open shelf. Larger bathroom cabinets can help to store bulkier items such as towels without having to use up valuable space elsewhere.

Options are available in both modern and traditional styles, as well as a choice of different colours and finishes - from fresh white to bold anthracite - enabling you to find one to complement a variety of chosen bathroom theme and styles, whether period or contemporary. Their free standing nature means that they do not have to be fixed or tied to a certain location, instead being able to be placed in an area that is convenient with the size and shape of your space. Take a look at our offering below and add a fabulous bathroom floor cabinet today.