How to Wash Towels and Microfibre Towels

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Author: James Roberts
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Follow our expert advice on how to wash and care for towels to enjoy softer ones that will ultimately last longer in your luxury bathroom…

You’ve just stepped out of the bath after a long soak and can’t wait to wrap yourself up in a big, fluffy towel. But your bath sheets are feeling more like sandpaper and looking somewhat lacklustre…. So why not follow our top tips on how to wash towels and keep them feeling as good as new?

How To Wash Towels With Vinegar

Always take care when washing new towels for the first time. Did you know manufacturers cover their towels in special softener to make them appear more fluffy in the shops to encourage you to buy? They may look good initially but they are instantly less absorbent so need a good wash before you use them. New ones can lose their colour too, so try using half the amount of detergent you would normally use with half a cup of distilled white vinegar.

Less is always more when washing your towels with fabric conditioner for super softness you can wrap around you when stepping out of a steamy shower. If you use too much, you’ll find they not only look stiff but feel rough too, which is hardly the way to add a luxurious spa-like feel to your bathroom. Try replacing your fabric softener with a cup of vinegar to strip away built-up detergent and restore your towels’ softness. If you leave out the fabric softener entirely, why not place a tennis ball in your dryer for fluffy towels you can be proud of? Putting a tennis ball in with your drying with help to fluff and dry faster by knocking around within the dryer. Afterwards, add a linen scented spray to the towels at the end of the cycle for a touch of added freshness.

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Surely there is nothing better than jumping out of a steamy shower and getting cosy in a soft, fluffy towel? Don’t forget to add a hook to hang your towel as shown here with our Ionic by Merlyn Essence 8mm offset quadrant shower door.

How To Wash Towels

Always wash your towels at 40C to maintain good hygiene, as anything lower than this will encourage bacteria to thrive. We suggest using a biological detergent as this will break down any dead skin cells – but again, these kinds of detergents won’t work unless the temperature is above 40C. This temperature will also ensure your towels feel and look their best over a long period of time. Try to wash your towels at least once a week to keep them fresh.

It may seem easy to simply cram as many towels as possible into your washing machine, but this will put a strain on your appliance and they will retain more detergent and dirt. If your tumble dryer is overloaded, you’ll find there won’t be enough room to fluff your bath sheets either. We suggest no more than two towels, plus a couple of hand towels and flannels for you to achieve optimum results.

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How To Wash Microfiber Towels

Washing microfiber towels is slightly different to washing more common terry cloth towels. For example, you should never wash a terry towel and microfiber towel together in the same load, as this will cause lint from the terry towels to be transferred and “stick” to your microfiber towels.

Avoid using fabric softener, and don’t wash your microfiber towels at too high a temperature, as this could ruin them permanently. Microfiber towels are made using polyester, which has a low melting point, so if washed at a high heat, it can clump up, irrevocably damaging your towels.

It’s also recommended to air dry microfiber towels, as exposing them to high heat during the drying process can also cause the synthetic materials within them to dissolve and harden, ruining the towels.

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How to Hang Bathroom Towels

At Sanctuary Bathrooms, we know how to hang towels whether you need them to dry after use or perhaps want to create a boutique hotel display in your bathroom. Hang up towels to dry in an airy location with good airflow and don’t hang them over one another when wet.

Lastly, the right towel display can immediately add a spa-like feel to your bathroom. We suggest white towels for this effect, which you can simply fold in thirds lengthwise and drape them over your towel rail.

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