Ladder Towel Rails

Probably the most popular choice by far, the ladder towel rail is one of the most recognisable designs for drying and warming towels in both bathrooms and kitchens. So-called because they feature two pipes separated by a series of horizontal running bars, much like the steps on a ladder, they provide a stylish look for any space and a great practical space for keeping towels within easy reach. They come in a plethora of sizes from small towel radiators, ideal for cloakrooms and en-suites, to glorious large ladder radiators, perfect for bigger spaces.

As well as simple rounded designs, there are also a number of funky and designer towel radiators with a modern takes including squared options, thicker bars, and even angled hanging horizontal bars. They can help free up space with many being wall-mounted designs that can make it appear larger, or even be used for much needed other items like storage. Take a pick of a range of finishes to match the space and any brassware included, such as chrome, brushed brass, matt black and more, and don't forget that these can be installed as part of central heating systems, all-electric or electric only, or the best of both worlds with dual fuel towel radiators.