Radiator Valves

Radiator Valves are a must-have essential for any centrally-heated, either through hot water or gas systems, or dual fuel operated column bathroom radiator or towel rail or radiator, when paired with a heating element and t-piece (if required). Coming in pairs, including a main valve and lockshield valve, there are three choices of designs in straight, angled or corner valves.

Each of these radiator valves connects the radiator to the pipework for it to be operational, and has a valve head to control the temperature of the radiator when the heating is on. This can be manually or non-thermostatic, where the user has to adjust the valve on and off, or thermostatic radiator valves where it adjusts to the temperature to reduce hot water usage and over-heating a space if the temperature is reached. With a great choice of modern and traditional designs, and great choice of coloured options, find perfect ones below or in one of our specific categories above.