Bathroom Wall Cabinets

Are you looking for somewhere to store all that bathroom clutter without compromising the space or luxury feel of your bathroom? Look no further than our selection of bathroom wall cabinets, which offer a floating appearance, and help make use of space other than the floor to help maximise the room in terms of size and appearance. We have both plain bathroom cabinets, just offering that simple storage convenience, or upgrade to bathroom mirror cabinets - combining two features into one helping with daily routines - that can be installed to a wall of choice.

Sizes of our wall cabinets vary from single door, compact cabinets perfect for a smaller space or cloakroom, all the way up to triple door or large ones and, if you are wanting to use the height of the room as well, fantastic wall mounted tall bathroom cabinets that can help store items like towels and linen too. Maybe you’re after a 1500mm soft oak storage unit to complete the classic natural feel of your bathroom, or would prefer a 400mm white gloss mirror cabinet leaving your bathroom looking modern and spacious, whatever the style or taste, there is plenty of variety below. Explore today and buy a homely and classy bathroom wall cabinet for your space.