Large Bathroom Sinks

For a luxurious and stand-out focal point in your bathroom, upgrade to a large bathroom sink, which offers plenty of space. Whether it's a deep bathroom sink or a wide or long bathroom sink, if you are looking for extra depth, projection or even just a bigger bowl, we have a great selection here for you. They make for hugely practical additions for all household members to carry out everyday activities, whatever you use your basin for.

Sizes of what is considered large basins vary from type to type but generally these have a bowl that is 600mm or larger in width or 550mm and above in depth, if focusing on the outward projection. As such, we have a multitude of options from mounting style to tap holes, and even the material. Whether it's ceramic, stone, metal or even solid surface material and shaped like a trough-like large rectangular basin or wider and deep countertop sink, we have you covered with options to suit modern and traditional spaces. This also includes stunning double bathroom sinks, ideal for those hectic bathroom spaces where multiple people can use them at once.