Bathroom Radiators

When it is cold and dark, or if your bathroom is positioned in an area that doesn't get warm easily without the BTUs kicking out from heating, imagine banishing that to history with our selection of bathroom radiators and heating products. Whether it is the warmth of a column radiator or eye-catching and decorative designer radiator, or the combined practicality of a towel radiator, spacious enough to hang and dry fluffy towels on to greet you and wrap yourself welcomingly from the shower or bathtub into, there are plenty to pick from - to suit whatever requirements you have for your space - in our range.

It doesn't end there, we also have a great selection of underfloor heating products that can make sure that every step into your bathroom is as luxury as its surroundings with additional welcoming warmth, along with everything needed to make it operational with our radiator accessories. From colours and materials to plumbing and installation options, including central heating, electric only operation, or the additional comfort of 24/7 operation from dual fuel if allows, whether wall-mounted or a floorstanding option there is plenty to find in our range that will truly enhance your space.