Basins by Shape

If you are feeling overawed by the amount of basin shapes available, we have broken them all down below for you to select from. Whether it is rectangular basins or square basins, with their straight, angular edges, or round basins and oval basins, with graceful curves and bowl-like edges, there is a great selection to choose from in whatever shape you want. We also have basins that feature a mix of the two in curved basins, with their flat back and d-shaped, sweeping front.

Whatever shaped basin you are looking for, they are available in a mix of basin materials, sizes from cloakroom basins to large basins, and even with different number of tap holes. There is also a great mix of basin types and fitting choices from semi-pedestal basins to wall hung basins, and even stunning countertop basins. Find a great one today from the many shapes available.