Grey Bathroom Cabinets

Shop for new Grey Bathroom Cabinets and Vanity Units in our extensive collection. Whether you are interested in buying a bathroom vanity unit, a bathroom cabinet, or even a tall bathroom cabinet or tallboy, there is a rich amount of choice in this popular colour. It may be a cliché about there being fifty shades of grey but the actual choice of colour tones is in fact significant, offering lots of versatility. Whether it is a subtle or light grey, or darker options such as anthracite, charcoal and clay there is plenty of different variations to suit many tastes. Additionally, there are also grey wood tones like alpine elm or grey ash, that offer a more authentic and natural-look if this is preferable to a plain shade.

The storage options available also include either vanity units with basins or countertop vanity units if looking to find an all-in-one solution in wall-mounted or floorstanding designs, as well as grey units in a range of sizes from compact cloakroom units to suit small spaces, all the way upto sumptuous and generously spacious larger statement pieces.