Square Back to Wall Toilets

Find a stunning and reliable Square Back to Wall Toilet in our collection below, created from some of the leading brands in the industry. These toilets include a pan that is floormounted and sits flush against a wall or toilet unit. The pan and seat themselves have squared edges, although a select few also feature curved edges for a 'squircle' design. This creates a neat, tidy and effective appearance that blends the toilet and furniture seamlessly in with the wall behind or the theme of your room. These toilets need to be paired with a concealed cistern as a result for this fantastic finish.

Square Back to Wall Toilets come in a choice of modern and traditional designs to suit whatever period or on-trend look you are going for. You can shop for a variety of sizes too to suit your space and needs from the standard sized toilets, to comfort height toilets and short projection toilets with the square back to wall style and shape. Browse the full collection and choose yours today.