Single Ended Baths

If you're looking for a solo bathing experience then a single ended bath is the option for you. Recognisable by the location of the tap holes or taps and filler being located on one end, single baths have been designed for use by a single person. Notable features include a more comfortable sloping end for your back or higher backs for additional support, comfort and the ultimate bathing experience.

If you're looking for something practical then single ended shower baths of all shapes - P Shape, J Shape, L Shape and D Shape, as well as standard square shower baths - combine bathing with a shower screen to suit everyone. If you're wanting a single ended bath that stands out or is the envy of everyone who visits, then a single ended freestanding bath such as Slipper Baths and Freestanding Shower Baths are a worthwhile investment. All of our single ended baths come manufactured in quality materials and sizes and designs suitable for any bathroom space, whether traditional, modern, small or large. Select your single ended bath from our range below today and get quality and reliability today.