Smart Bidet Toilets

The ultimate in comfort, Bidet Toilets, also known by other names such as Smart Toilets and Shower Toilets, feature plenty of future-proof features that will transform any ultra-contemporary bathroom and make you wonder how you ever lived without them. Much more than just a rimless pan, these toilets require an electrical installation to operate the main stand-out features including integrated bidet taps, with customisable settings that can be tailored to each user.

Some even feature their own, bespoke apps, allowing you to prepare the toilet remotely, before you even need to visit. Hygiene wise, these toilets are capable of a truly hands-free experience, with rimless pans as standard, circulating water throughout the bowl, before self-cleaning and deodorising the pan as a final flourish.

Despite these revolutionary features, many smart toilets are no bigger than a standard WC and they can easily be retrofitted if your space allows.

A top of the line addition for the energy conscious, these smart toilets combine the health benefits of a bidet and rimless pan that will make a truly modern statement in any bathroom.