Washstands and Console Basins

Washstands, or Wash Basins with Stands, are furniture-style basins where the basin is mounted on top of a frame consisting of either two or four legs. These are often metal legs in either chrome, stainless steel, aluminium or coloured finishes such as matt black, white or gold. For those with two legs, these are usually mounted to the wall for support, while those with four legs tend to be freestanding. Many of these frames also double up as ideal locations to hang and store towels within easy reach when the basin is being used. This section also includes some gorgeous Console Basins, which are more decadently styled basins with ceramic console legs.

Our collection of bathroom washstands for sale and console basins includes both modern washstands, as well as stunning period-style traditional and Victorian wash stands, with features such as splashbacks, curvaceous legs, Georgian patterns and engravings, and a choice of worktops and basins including ceramic and marble tops. Size is not a limiting factor either, with small washstands and large washstands, including double wash stands, all available to choose from, so whatever room you have - there is one that will suit the majority of UK bathrooms.