Free Standing Sinks

For a more unique look in your bathroom, free standing sinks are, as the name suggests, basins that stand alone and are floor mounted rather than being fixed or mounted against a wall like the majority of other basin choices. Also called cylinder or bucket basins and sinks, more often due to their tall design and shaping, these basins feature a bowl at the top of the pedestal-like base. However, the water exits down the unit and into the plumbing system through the floor rather than out the back or via a wall, so it is worth checking that you can accommodate such a set-up if one of these catches your eye.

Freestanding basins come in both modern and traditional designs from straight, smooth cylinder or squared designs, as well as funnel shaped that widen out into a larger sink at the top. These are best placed next to a wall so that you can pair with wall mounted basin taps, however, some freestanding bath taps can unusually be used as well, height permitting.