Underfloor Heating Thermostats

With an Underfloor Heating Thermostat you can easily control both the warmth of your bathroom flooring, keeping feet and bathrooms warm all year around, and especially in those colder, winter months. With digital LED touch-screens and displays, these wall-mounted control panels, allow you to pre-program settings for certain times of the day, and even for every day of the week to suit shift patterns or when users are at home more frequently. Some also include additional features to protect against unexpected temperature changes, as well as to adjust whilst on holiday to avoid high energy usage or heating unnecessarily. It isn't necessarily even in person, with more high-tech versions offering wi-fi connectivity and smartphone app options to control remotely. If more modern versions aren't preferable, there is also manual controlled thermostats available, allowing you to alter the temperature to suit in-person.

Available in a fantastic choice of modern designs and colours, these can work seamlessly into many bathroom spaces, and are the perfect complement to our choice of underfloor heating mats and kits, providing a fantastic luxury addition to your space. Take a look at our selection of thermostats and controls below.