Copper Baths

Manufactured from one of the most durable and malleable materials, Copper baths feature a ‘living finish’ that can make an already striking fixture even more so. Versatile enough to make a statement no matter the size of your bathroom, they’re suited towards more traditional looks and can have a number of health benefits, with the copper itself being resistant to bacteria and mould. The metallic properties also conduct heat faster and maintain it for longer than other traditional bathtubs, with pure copper creating a truly luxurious bathing experience. They’ll be warm to the touch, even after bathing.

They also require far less maintenance than a standard acrylic or even a steel bath, with the copper creating a weathered, aging appearance. The patina can make it even more eye catching, with any scratches or scuffs actually blending in over time, making every bath unique to the space it’s in. Many copper baths feature freestanding, spacious designs, perfect when paired with freestanding bath taps or other accessories. Alternatively, see our range of traditional freestanding baths.