Straight & Square Baths

Despite their name, Square Baths are not actually always square although they would fall into this category. In fact, the vast majority of square baths are actually standard baths - simple, rectangular and straight baths great for whether you're looking for stand alone, fitted or inset in. The square part of the name relates to the fact that the edges are squared, with four straight edges. Some more contemporary and modern designs have incorporated small rounded corners for a crisper and cleaner appearance without compromising the standard design.

You can get a vast array of designs from stunning square freestanding baths to square shower baths, complete with shower screen, and numerous other square shaped single ended and double ended baths. These baths are available in numerous sizes including small, large and regular sizes such as 1700mm baths, the most common length size. View our full range of square baths below today and find the perfect one for your home.