Right Hand Basins

A right hand basin is more commonly named based on the positioning of the tap and also location of the sink area, with the tap being located to the right hand side on a shelf-like feature or corner, with the sink area being positioned or offset to the left. This makes it easier for use with a right hand, which is often the most associated thought in reference to handing. However, a minority of manufacturers choose to use the location of the sink area positioning. Additionally some basins, particularly those built into vanity units, use the design of the furniture or positioning of the basin to determine handing. It is always worth checking what you require before purchase, however, for ease this category uses the most common way with positioning of tap hole.

Due to their design, right hand basins - as well as left hand basins - are generally of a smaller size so are perfect as cloakroom basins, ensuites or downstairs loos with mounting options ranging from wall hung basins to semi-recessed basins. Choose from either right hand modern basins or traditional basins, and given they are largely single tap hole, perfect for pairing with a mono tap of a style that suits your taste and theme.