J Shaped Baths

J Shaped Baths, often abbreviated to J Baths, are baths that feature a straight length edge and width edge perfect for sitting flush against walls, and a curved front and side. The curved parts represent that like a letter 'J', hence the name, and which follows suit with other styled baths with similar names using letters illustrate their shape.

The design of J Baths makes them perfect for a combined bathing and showering experience, such as J Shaped Shower Baths, while there also double-ended baths with similar designs. Some J Shaped Corner Baths feature a more harsher curve that arcs from edge to edge much like a quadrant or offset quadrant, compared to some of the more standard designs with a small, graceful arced corner. We feature J Baths in a variety of contemporary bath and traditional bath designs and in a variety of sizes. View our full range below and pick a quality one for your home today.